Willicroft: Plant-based cheese for dairy lovers

On Thursday March 5th at 19:00, Willicroft will host Net Impact Amsterdam members for a natural wine and plant-based cheese tasting.  Ahead of the event, Net Impact Member, Cathy Sorbara, sat down with Willicroft Founder, Brad Vanstone to learn more about the company, what he’s learned along the way and, the most obvious question, what cheese would he choose to eat if he was trapped on a … Continue reading Willicroft: Plant-based cheese for dairy lovers

Yerba: Leading with heart for a new way of dining

On Friday 1 November, Net Impact Amsterdam will host Herba Vora, a curated four-course plant-based dinner, centered around guided dialogues with experts in sustainable food systems at Yerba. To learn more about how Yerba is putting their sustainable philosophy into practice, Net Impact Amsterdam Founding Member, Bhavika Megchiani, headed to meet owners, Sally Mitchell and … Continue reading Yerba: Leading with heart for a new way of dining

Urban Gardening: A local alternative to the global food system

Are we looking down the barrel of a global food crisis? Is localising and democratising food production the answer? To explore these questions, Net Impact Amsterdam President, Andrea Palmer, spoke to Suzanne Oommen of Cityplot, a specialised urban gardening and education group. Cityplot believes that it is possible to grow healthy organic food on all scales in and around the city: from private growing spaces to community gardens, from schools and restaurants to large-scale urban food growing projects.

Trash talk: the socio-economics of materials recovery

Across the globe, recycling companies face difficult challenges to remain financially viable. Impossible margin pressures, commodity price volatilities, and strict international regulations have put the material recovery industry into a tight situation. Countries like China and the Philippines are finally speaking up, and major rejection of recycled raw materials due to contamination is one of the biggest challenges for continuity of the industry. Net Impact Amsterdam Founder, Andrea Palmer, explores the environmental impacts of social and economic exclusion, through the waste industry.

Thoughts from a diversity and inclusion advisor

"Inclusion in the workplace only comes to life when diverse individuals feel the liberty to bring all of themselves into their work.”- NAVA Hinrichs senior advisor of diversity & inclusion Nava Hinrichs inclusion requires a nuanced practice A deep sense of inclusion in society is the glue that holds a community together. It enables mutual … Continue reading Thoughts from a diversity and inclusion advisor