Net Impact a global leadership accelerator for future change-makers

Net Impact is a membership association of professionals, students, and companies that aim to use their influence to drive sustainable change. With 10,000+ members and 350+ chapters across nearly 40 countries, Net Impact is a diverse and determined force for good. The initiative began in 1993 as a small network of MBA students who believed business could be a force for good. This philosophy remains at the core of Net Impact today.

We are the local Amsterdam chapter of Net Impact

Net Impact Amsterdam launched in 2018 as a coalition of local professionals who seek to use their skills for positive environmental and social change. We are a membership organisation that provides people who do positive work with a platform to inspire others through immersive learning, tours, debates, workshops, blogs, and other in-person events centered around making an impact.

Meet the team

Andrea Palmer
President and Founder
Marieke Houwers
Head of Operations

Kristina Stonjekova
Vice President
Luc van de Boom
Head of Sustainable Built Environments

We are a network of committed Amsterdammers.
To connect, learn, and act for a better world.

– Andrea Palmer, Founder